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Renewable Energy - Why Solar Power Shines in Arizona

By: Home Otter Team

Sep 7th 2022

Time: 8min

Learn about why Arizona is one of the top states for solar usage.

Solar energy is one of the most efficient and eco-friendly forms of renewable energy. In Arizona, solar panels can produce more electricity per square foot than in any other state.

Photovoltaic (PV) panels - also referred to simply as solar panels - work well in Arizona because of the state's large amount of sunlight and lack of cloud cover. The state's elevation and latitude also allow more direct sunlight exposure throughout the year.

How Many Arizona Residents Use Solar Panels?

It's difficult to determine the number of Arizona residents who use or own solar panels as most numbers combine residential and commercial solar installations. However, there are estimated to be 191,000 solar installations in the Grand Canyon State. And the vast majority are residential installs.

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) reported Arizona ranked 5th in the nation for installed solar photovoltaic capacity in 2016.

These numbers suggest that many Arizona residents are using solar panels. Solar adoption in the state is likely to keep growing in the coming years as solar technology becomes more affordable and accessible.

Why is Arizona One of the Top States for Solar Usage?

There are a few reasons why Arizona is one of the top states for solar usage. The state offers:

  1. Lots of sun, which makes it ideal for solar power.
  2. Ample open space, making solar panel installation practical and easy.
  3. Numerous incentives for solar energy, which makes it more affordable.

Several states use more solar panels than Arizona, including California, Nevada, and New Mexico. However, with over 2,000 MW of installed capacity, the state is still a top contender regarding overall solar usage.

How Eco-Friendly Is Solar Power?

Solar power is a highly eco-friendly source of energy. It doesn't produce any air pollution or greenhouse gases and uses no water. Since they use the sun's energy to generate electricity for your home, solar panels are a terrific way to scale back your carbon footprint and save money on your electric bill.

They're also a renewable energy source and have a minimal environmental impact. And with proper maintenance, solar panels offer exceptional durability and can last for many years.

What Are the Health and Environmental Benefits of Using Solar Energy?

As our world progresses, we constantly look for new ways to become more sustainable. Solar energy is one of the quickest growing and most promising renewable energy sources. Not only is solar energy eco-friendly, but it also has several health benefits.

Solar energy can heat homes and water, power cars, and generate electricity. And because it is a renewable resource, solar energy can help us reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

  • Reduce air pollution. Solar panels have proven effective at reducing air pollution. They produce no emissions when generating electricity and can help offset other sources of air pollution. They may also help improve air quality by reducing power generation emissions.

  • Fight global warming. With the rising energy costs and the threat of climate change, more homeowners are turning to solar panels to save money and help the environment. Solar panels are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Reduce resource stress. A new study by the University of California, Berkeley found that solar panel installation can help to reduce resource stress. The findings indicate that solar panel installation led to a reduction in resource consumption in the areas of water and energy.

  • Decrease dependence on fossil fuels. Solar power is a renewable resource that doesn't emit greenhouse gases, making it a cleaner energy source than fossil fuels. Solar power can help to reduce air pollution and is an integral part of the transition to a clean energy future.

Are There Any Harmful Effects of Installing Solar Panels?

Solar panels have become increasingly popular as they offer a renewable energy source that can save residents hundreds to thousands of dollars each year on those energy bills. However, some are concerned about the potentially harmful effects of solar panels.

First, solar panels can be a fire hazard if not installed correctly. Second, solar panels can cause electrical shocks or overheat if not installed correctly. Another potential issue is that panels can produce electromagnetic fields that harm humans. Finally, if not correctly used, solar panels can lead to higher energy bills.

However, you can mitigate these risks by installing solar panels safely and efficiently. This is why you want a reputable technician to perform your installation. Download your personalized solar plan today to ensure you find the right crew to install your panels.

What If I Have Trees?

If you're considering installing solar panels on your home but are worried that the trees on your property will get in the way, never fear! You can install solar panels even if your property has trees.

There are a few ways to approach it. With some creativity and planning, you can have the solar panel setup of your dreams - and help save the planet too!

There’s a common misconception that your entire property must be clear and sunny to install solar panels. However, as long as you have enough space on your roof, you can usually install solar panels.

Of course, it never hurts to confirm your roof receives sufficient sun exposure. And you can do that by getting your personalized solar report.

Can I Charge My Tesla or Other EV with Solar Panels?

The average person spends about $1,400 per year on gas for their car. If you have an electric vehicle (EV), you're saving money on gas, but your EV still needs to be charged.

The good news is, you can charge your Tesla or EV via your solar panels, which is more environmentally friendly than charging it on the grid.

Many people don't realize they can charge their EV with solar panels, but it is an excellent option for those who want to be more environmentally conscious.

Can You Save Money With Solar in Arizona While Being Environmentally Responsible?

Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular for those who’d like to save money while being more environmentally responsible. It is possible to save money with solar in Arizona while also being ecologically responsible and helping the planet. Here's how:

1. Solar energy is renewable, so you're not contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

2. You'll be able to offset your electricity bill by generating your power.

3. Your utility company will give you credit on your bill for any excess energy you generate.

4. You can use a backup battery to continue generating power during power outages.

How Do I Talk With My Family About Using Solar Panels to Help the Environment?

We all know solar panels are great for saving money on energy bills and help the environment. But did you know they can also be the perfect way to start a conversation with your loved ones about the benefits of renewable energy?

Here are a few tips on how to talk to your family about solar panels:

1. Prepare yourself by doing the research. Learn the key facts about solar panels – how much they cost, how much money you can save, etc.

2. Lead with the benefits. Be prepared to discuss the environmental advantages of solar panels – how they help reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Present it as an investment. Stress that solar panels are a long-term investment that will not only pay off in the long run financially but can also help the environment, as well.

Use Solar Panels to Fight Climate Change While Saving Money!

Installing solar panels is a great way to help save the environment and your wallet. With the increase in technology, solar panels have become more efficient and less expensive, making them more accessible to the public.

We must take action to reduce our carbon footprint and slow climate change. Solar panels are one small way that we can make a big difference.

To learn more about how to fight climate change while saving money, download your complimentary solar report now!